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Creating possibilities means transforming knowledge into effective solutions that strengthen the competitiveness of our allies.

It is a critical and transversal area where we develop ideas and capabilities to transform knowledge into effective solutions that enhance the competitiveness of our partners.

Scientists, nutritionists, international experts, analysts and data scientists converge in this area and, together with the expertise of our partners, clients, distributors, providers, universities and the rest of the industry, form a global network fueled by knowledge that nourishes the lives of people daily and with the sole purpose of creating opportunities for life.

Innovation that transforms challenges into opportunities for growth

Our innovativeness begins with opening valuable possibilities for our partners, for Alura, and for all those who interact with us to build a better world. Our partners, staff and vast network of professionals and companies constantly interact in our Idea Lab, where we conceptualize and develop new technologies to achieve our goal: doing things better.

This creative process begins with the knowledge network we have today, which is centered around the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. With over 264 participating companies, this is one of the largest research centers in the world, and it is known for its leadership in life sciences.

We searched the world over for the most prestigious and relevant place in the development and innovation of life sciences. In Research Triangle Park we found such a place; a place where large projects, institutions and researchers in biotechnology congregate. It is here that, with different perspectives and areas of knowledge, we can debate ideas and take the first step in our innovation process.

Alura Innovation

Labs Headquarters

Located in North Carolina, USA
Aware of the importance of interaction and association with the different key actors in research and technological development, we have established partnerships with these educational institutions and research groups
Through the Innovation Labs and our work with this educational and research network, we initiate the creative and innovative process needed to generate new and meaningful ideas.

Our interdisciplinary teams work continuously alongside our clients and allies in the development of their products, their biosecurity programs, the follow-u of different processes in production plants and farms and in the constant analysis and monitoring of results.

We develop a complete infrastructure of research and scientific validation of data with which, alongside our clients and allies, we can transform knowledge into competitive advantages for animal protein producers.

D+i Centers

We validate the applicability of our ideas and methodologies in our D+I Alura Centers, which are made up of experimental poultry, swine and layer hen farms.

Big Data

Integrating technology, microbiology, scientific data analysis and pharmaceutical industry knowledge with the needs and demands of animal protein producers, we work together with Asimetrix, our scientific data analysis partner, to create endless possibilities for our allies and partners.

International Laboratory Networks

Our Alura International Laboratory Network is at the forefront of innovation and uses only cutting-edge technology to analyze data from components and finished products, run diagnostics of pathologies, and evaluate safety indexes, all with the purpose of guaranteeing the quality, ultraprecision, safety, efficacy and traceability of our products, which translates into trust and safety for our clients.

Alura Pilot Plant

Once ideas exist, the challenge is materializing them.

In Alura we achieve this with our Pilot Plant, a tool with which we develop prototypes and test versions that allow us to ascertain if ideas, geared towards innovating products, are feasible and ready to be taken into production. Here we analyze if an idea meets the needs, requirements and demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

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