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Creating possibilities means working towards a better, more efficient utilization of natural resources

Demand for animal protein will increase worldwide. Authorities have clear tasks. Researchers, both in academia and the productive sector, will be vital in breeding healthier animals that will make better use of their feed.

Our industry is a protagonist in this revolution, since the way that manage these animals, the inputs and the soil will determine the viability and prosperity of companies, the proper use of natural resources and the proper nourishment of millions of people that will allow them to lead better and happier lives.

We currently need 1.3 Planet Earths to produce, sustainably, the resources that we consume. Agro-livestock activities require the use of natural resources and alter nature itself. One efficiency challenge that we have decided to take on is reducing that impact of our industry on nature, so that we can facilitate production while achieving a healthy environment and a viable planet where wellbeing is a natural part of the lives of every individual. As such, our team at Alura Environmental we work every day on the improvement, proper usage and care of our natural resources

At Alura, our team works everyday on the improvement, proper usage and care of our natural resources

Our work with Aprovet (National Association of Veterinary Products Laboratories) challenges us to continuously generate post-consumption plans and preventive actions to avoid contamination of natural resources with medications.

Countering odors to prevent sensory contamination and decreasing our carbon footprint, thus delivering wellbeing to our community is a challenge for which we generate innovative and continuous solutions.

Collection and proper disposal of packaging of our products is another action Alura Environmental has put in place to decrease environmental impact of our products.

As we receive the water we use, we give it back to our environment.

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