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Alura offers our customers a portfolio of animal health and nutrition products as well as services around animal wellbeing that will contribute to the production of safer and more economical animal protein for an ever-expanding world.

Emulsifier blend for further manufacture of poultry and swine feed.

Nutritional additive for drinking water for poultry and swine in all animal classes.

Anticaking feed ingredient.

Contains β-mannanase that hydrolyzes  β-mannans, a component of hemicellulose in animal feed. Reduces the digesta viscosity.

Alura is continuously developing strategies to use antibiotics in efficient and sustainable ways.

Creativity that transforms knowledge into new solutions and best results based in three premises


We have the certifications required by the pharmaceutical sector that are necessary to deliver products with detailed follow-up evaluations, from its preparation, to its performance, to the animal protein industry.

Our Company is present in all the stages of the production of protein to guarantee the safety in the transformation and in the whole productive process.


We are overseers of food security. We seek to ensure safety throughout the production chain so that animal protein producers deliver safe and healthy food to the world.

The safety in our company, part of fundamentals such as: consistency of raw materials, solubility, analysis of concentrations of raw material and finished product, analysis of forced stability, analysis of pollutants, analysis of dioxins and furans, concentration analysis, analysis of Plexion of products, safety analysis, performance and validation in the animal.


Evaluating the ability to achieve the expected effects after the use of our products, or the implementation of new integrated solutions in the production process, is one of the premises of the work we do every day, to make timely decisions that lead to growth and profitability.

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